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Bestmed Medical Aid – No Secrets, No Surprises

Bestmed Medical Aid – No Secrets, No Surprises

Bestmed is another popular medical scheme in South Africa. The medical scheme is part of the Sanlam Group, which celebrates their 94th anniversary this year. Not only are Sanlam nearly a century old, but also a very famous name in all South African households. Let’s see what makes Bestmed Medical Aid a good choice.

Sanlam Healthcare Management, which administers Bestmed, is a medical scheme administrator recognised by the South African Council for Medical Schemes. The administrator is fully owned by Sanlam Life, which form part of the Sanlam Group.

Bestmed Medical Aid is a non-profit mutual medical scheme in terms of the Ac. They also operate a medical scheme in a financial responsible manner so that their members’ medical expenses can be fully covered. To ensure this mission Bestmed are effective and prudent in the use of their members’ contributions and other income. Bestmed also seeks a membership that shows a balanced growth and health care services delivery. Bestmed is also able to negotiate with suppliers in order to deliver services that are cost effective and of high quality.

There are also some points, which Bestmed Medical Aid pursues so carry out their mission, which then carries out their members and employees’ interests. The scheme’ affairs are managed on an innovative, ethical and moral together with maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders. Bestmed Medical Aid uses employees who have the knowledge and are motivated while using appropriate technology. The scheme is also operating in accordance with commercial and economic norms that are acceptable.

When the new Medical Schemes Act stepped in in January 2000, it had a permanent impact on private health care delivery. The purpose of this law is to provide health care to everyone. Therefore it was essential that Bestmed Medical Aid’s focus on health care needed to be re-evaluated and repositioned them to meet their members’ health care needs.

Bestmed Medical Aid offers long-term peace of mind to their members. To ensure this peace of mind Bestmed support a client-centered approach to contact based on intimate relationships with their clients. This intimate relationship can only be provided through regular customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys provide Bestmed Medical Aid with the best advice and information to fully understand their members’ health care needs.

Bestmed also develops innovative and interactive technology solutions to make members’ easily accessible. Bestmed’s staff also signed a non-negotiable guarantee that they will perform at their best at all times to ensure a superior service. As stated earlier, Bestmed Medical Aid pursues a balanced growth in membership and loyalty of members and their commitment to cooperation in order to manage and apply relevant health principles, preventive care and cost containment successfully. As part of Bestmed development of low-cost networks, they also focus on the cooperation of service providers in risk sharing.