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Why Choose Discovery Medical Aid

Why Choose Discovery Medical Aid

Discovery Health is the largest and most secure medical aid scheme in South Africa. This can be attributed to their grading and various benefits, which the medical scheme offers. Let’s look at some of these benefits:


Discovery Health is currently enjoying an AA + rating. This makes them a prestigious and popular medical scheme in South Africa. The rating is not granted to just on any medical scheme in South Africa. This is achieved through hard work and top quality service to members. The rating can be attributed to their fast and excellent claims paying ability and their financial position. The security they offer their members is also a contribution to this top achievement. With a balance of more than R7 billion in reserve Discovery Health gives their members the assurance that sufficient funds are available to pay their claims.

This rating is awarded by an independent rating agency namely Global Credit Ratings.

Discovery Health Plans

Discovery medical aid offers a number of different options. It caters for all individuals’ medical needs. The price of each option is competitive ensuring long-term affordability and value for money. Annual increases in contributions by consistently lower than the average medical aid rates in the industry.

Plans are divided into the following:

  • KeyCare Series
  • Core Series
  • Saver Series
  • Priority Series
  • Comprehensive Series
  • Executive Plan

The Executive Plan provides the most comprehensive healthcare and broader access to health care professionals while KeyCare Series offers the most efficient private health care.

Medical Cover where ever you are

Most of the Discovery medical aid’s options offer emergency medical evacuations in sub-Saharan Africa as well as medical emergencies when a member travels abroad. Discovery Medicopters, supported by ground personnel, offers medical and by air support in extremely critical cases. Discovery’s emergency helicopters work from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Medical Savings Account

Discovery Savings Account is set up so that members are empowered to make informed choices about their day-to-day health care needs. When a member’s Savings Account is not exhausted within a cover year the account are transferred to the next year as opposed to traditional plans where members loose their unused cover.

Discovery Health Benefits

Discovery currently has a few advantages. The Screening and Prevention Benefit is ideal for those who want to stay healthy. It covers a variety of preventive health care services.

The Trauma Recovery Extender Benefit covers list of out-of-hospital claims caused by traumatic events.

Members who regularly visit their GP and are afraid that they will exhaust their Savings Account have the Insured Network Benefit to their disposal. It extends the day-to-day cover by covering GP consultation fees at a Discovery Health Network GP.

There is also an option for full coverage for hospitalization, hospital specialists, chronic medication and GP consultation claims.

All Discovery Health’s options covers approved medication for chronic conditions.

The magnitude of Discovery medical aid has also allowed them to enter into agreements with GPs and specialists to ensure cover and higher levels of compensation to the Discovery Health care professionals who are paid in full.


A science-based program offered by Discovery medical aid gives the member the option to be and live healthier. When a member joins the Vitality program, he / she gets a personal approach to his / her wellness.

By being a member of the Discovery Medical Aid, members get the benefit of a 20% discount on life insurance by Discovery. Part of this benefit is a reimbursement of up to 50% of your premiums.

  • Anand Rapiti

    Discovery sucks big time. Did not grant authorization for my septorhinoplasty as they said it was cosmetic. Dry breathing thru one nostril due to a deviated septum with resultant obstructive apnoea. Rather go for GEMS. Funny thing is I’m a doctor.