Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa

Finding the correct medical aid scheme and option can be a very difficult task as there are so many to choose from. At Medical Aid Search, we only feature 14 of South Africa’s top medical aid schemes. These schemes have great track records and are synonymous with the medical aid industry in South Africa.


Bestmed Medical Aid Scheme

Bestmed Medical Aid Scheme LogoAfter being part of the medical aid industry for fifty years BestMed Medical aid is still setting the pace amongst medical aid schemes with respect to healthcare standards. Currently ranked fifth in the industry, they will continue providing their members with the same excellent service and outstanding client care they have grown accustomed to.

Bestmed Scheme Statistics

  • Total Scheme Options (2018): 10
  • Total Principal Members (2016): 95 085
  • Total Beneficiaries (2016): 200 512
  • Solvency Ratio (2016): 26.88%

Bestmed Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

Beat Options

Beat 1 Option [NETWORK]
Principal Member R1 226
Adult Dependant R953
Child Dependant R516
Beat 1 Option [NON-NETWORK]
Principal Member R1 363
Adult Dependant R1 058
Child Dependant R573
Beat 2 Option [NETWORK]
Principal Member R1 517
Adult Dependant R1 178
Child Dependant R639
Beat 2 Option [NON-NETWORK]
Principal Member R1 685
Adult Dependant R1 310
Child Dependant R710
Beat 3 Option [NETWORK]
Principal Member R2 301
Adult Dependant R1 636
Child Dependant R889
Beat 3 Option [NON-NETWORK]
Principal Member R2 558
Adult Dependant R1 817
Child Dependant R987
Beat 4 Option
Principal Member R3 922
Adult Dependant R3 239
Child Dependant R970

Pace Options

Bestmed Pace 1
Principal Member R3 312
Adult Dependant R2 325
Child Dependant R836
Bestmed Pace 2
Principal Member R4 677
Adult Dependant R3 898
Child Dependant R876
Bestmed Pace 3
Principal Member R5 370
Adult Dependant R4 322
Child Dependant R923
Bestmed Pace 4
Principal Member R6 608
Adult Dependant R6 608
Child Dependant R1 548

Pulse Options

Bestmed Pulse 1
Principal Member R1 372 – R1 976
Adult Dependant R1 303 – R1 777
Child Dependant R824 – R987
Bestmed Pulse 1
Principal Member R4 732
Adult Dependant R4 732
Child Dependant R1 124


Bonitas Medical Aid Scheme

Bonitas Medical Aid Scheme LogoBonitas medical aid is a fully registered medical scheme, for the past 31 years our board of trustees have been personally selected by their members to act in the best interest of both parties. They understand that every person wants to live their perfect life and that health issues can sometimes stand in the way.

Bonitas Scheme Statistics

  • Total Scheme Options (2018): 11
  • Total Principal Members (2016): 348 088
  • Total Beneficiaries (2016): 753 514
  • Solvency Ratio (2016): 24.4%

Bonitas Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
BonComprehensive R5 774 R5 446 R1 175*
BonClassic R4 009 R3 442 R990*
Standard R3 265 R2 831 R958*
BonComplete R3 212 R2 572 R873*
Hospital Plus R2 897 R2 607 R937*
Standard Select R2 828 R2 447 R828*
BonSave R2 304 R1 785 R690*
Primary R2 076 R1 624 R661*
BonFit R1 930 R1 495 R578*
Hospital Standard R1 830 R1 543 R696*
BonEssential R1 604 R1 227 R470*

* 4th and subsequent children covered free

Discovery Health

Discovery Health Medical Aid Scheme

Discovery Health LogoDiscovery Health is South Africa’s best known healthcare funder with more than 2.5 million members they are the largest medical aid scheme in the country. Discovery Health complies with every aspect of medical scheme governance including the King lll Code for corporate governance.

Discovery Health Options – 2018 Prices

Discovery Health offer you the widest range of medical aid plans available in the market today, catering for your specific healthcare and financial needs. Discovery Health’s plans range from the most comprehensive private healthcare cover on their Executive Plan to the KeyCare plans, where you get cost-effective private healthcare cover through Discovery Health’s extensive network of providers.

Executive Plan

The Executive Plan offers you the most extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day benefits with extended chronic medicine cover and an unlimited Above Threshold Benefit.

Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
Executive Plan R5 950 R5 950 R1 134

Comprehensive Series

Comprehensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day cover with extended chronic medicine cover and an unlimited Above Threshold Benefit.

Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
Classic R4 882 R4 618 R974
Classic Delta R4 398 R4 162 R874
Classic Zero MSA R3 662 R3 464 R731
Essential R4 102 R3 881 R825
Essential Delta R3 694 R3 490 R742

Priority Series

Cost-effective in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover and day-to-day benefits with a limited Above Threshold Benefit.

Priority Series Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
Classic R3 214 R2 534 R1 286
Essential R2 763 R2 172 R1 103

Saver Series

The most economical in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover and day-to-day benefits through a Medical Savings Account.

Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
Classic R2 773 R2 186 R1 110
Classic Delta R2 214 R1 749 R890
Essential R2 203 R1 652 R883
Coastal R2 160 R1 621 R870
Essential Delta R1 758 R1 325 R705

Core Series

A value-for-money hospital plan that provides unlimited private hospital cover and essential cover for chronic medicine with no day-to-day cover.

Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
Classic R2 064 R1 626 R826
Classic Delta R1 652 R1 301 R660
Essential R1 773 R1 329 R712
Coastal R1 610 R1 209 R641
Essential Delta R1 417 R1 065 R569

Smart Series

The most cost-effective in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover plus limited day-to-day cover if you’re willing to use providers in a specified network.

Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
Classic R1 647 R1 298 R658
Essential R1 180 R1 180 R1 180

KeyCare Series

Affordable medical cover if you’re willing to use providers in a specified network for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatment.

KeyCare Plus Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
12 201+ R2 064 R2 064 R553
8 551 – 12 200 R1 386 R1 386 R389
0 – 8 550 R990 R990 R359
KeyCare Access Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
12 201+ R2 018 R2 018 R546
8 551 – 12 200 R1 344 R1 344 R378
5 331 – 8 550 R930 R930 R337
0 – 5 330 R697 R697 R306
KeyCare Core Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
12 201+ R1 525 R1 525 R345
8 551 – 12 200 R988 R988 R243
0 – 8 550 R792 R792 R205


Fedhealth Medical Aid Scheme

Fedhealth Medical Aid Scheme LogoFedhealth is a leading open medical aid scheme that has provided South Africa with their unique perspective on what healthcare is all about. For the past 75 years Fedhealth has stood fast by their principles of providing nothing but the best possible healthcare at premiums designed to suit every pocket

Fedhealth Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

Blue Door Plus Option
Principal Member R844
Adult Dependant R714
Child Dependant R401
Maxima EntryZone Option
Principal Member R1 424
Adult Dependant R1 088
Child Dependant R482
Maxima EntrySaver Option
Principal Member R1 759
Adult Dependant R1 299
Child Dependant R565
Maxima Core Option [Network | Non-Network]
Principal Member R1 838 | R2 082
Adult Dependant R1 596 | R1 806
Child Dependant R646 | R732
Maxima Saver Option [Network | Non-Network]
Principal Member R2 003 | R2 259
Adult Dependant R1 678 | R1 887
Child Dependant R584 | R657
Maxima Basis Option [Network | Non-Network]
Principal Member R2 407 | R2 722
Adult Dependant R2 106 | R2 374
Child Dependant R732 | R826
Maxima StandardElect Option
Principal Member R2 527
Adult Dependant R2 210
Child Dependant R763
Maxima Standard Option
Principal Member R3 310
Adult Dependant R2 890
Child Dependant R998
Maxima Advanced Option
Principal Member R3 607
Adult Dependant R3 138
Child Dependant R1 082
Maxima Exec Option
Principal Member R4 805
Adult Dependant R4 103
Child Dependant R1 463
Maxima Plus Option
Principal Member R7 535
Adult Dependant R6 415
Child Dependant R2 303
Ultima Option
Principal Member R10 306
Adult Dependant R8 761
Child Dependant R3 150


Genesis Medical Aid Scheme

Genesis Medical Aid Scheme LogoGenesis is a successful open healthcare services providers that make it their business to provide the public with afford medical aid cover and benefit options. These options are tailor made to fit the healthcare needs of any person regardless of how diverse they may be.

Genesis Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

Private Choice Option
Principal Member R1 060
Adult Dependant R1 060
Child Dependant R370
Private Option
Principal Member R1 580
Adult Dependant R1 580
Child Dependant R415
Private PLUS Option
Principal Member R2 100
Adult Dependant R2 100
Child Dependant R415
Comprehensive Option
Principal Member R2 350
Adult Dependant R2 350
Child Dependant R415


Keyhealth Medical Aid Scheme

Keyhealth Medical Aid Scheme LogoKeyHealth is an open medical aid scheme with a lineage dating back as far as the early 20th Century. The scheme maintains the values they were founded on and today continue to provide scores of South Africans with a series of comprehensive yet diverse healthcare options.

Keyhealth Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

Essence Option
Principal Member R1 360
Adult Dependant R1 090
Child Dependant R490
Origin Option
Principal Member R1 600
Adult Dependant R1 140
Child Dependant R520
Equilibrium Option
Principal Member R1 936
Adult Dependant R1 195
Child Dependant R593
Silver Option
Principal Member R3 216
Adult Dependant R1 730
Child Dependant R670
Gold Option
Principal Member R4 516
Adult Dependant R3 054
Child Dependant R885
Platinum Option
Principal Member R7 408
Adult Dependant R5 193
Child Dependant R1 562


Medihelp Medical Aid Scheme

Medihelp Medical Aid Scheme LogoMedihelp is one of South Africa’s largest open medical aid schemes. Everyday approximately 220 000 South Africans rely on Medihelp to provide them with affordable medical aid cover. In an ever changing healthcare industry, where legislations constantly change and the cost of healthcare is ever rising, Medihelp overcomes these challenges with effortless ease and continue to make quality healthcare more accessible.

Medihelp Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

Necesse Student Option
Principal Member R474
Adult Dependant
Child Dependant
Dimension Prime 1 Option [Network or Non-Network]
Principal Member R1 356 – R1 728
Adult Dependant R1 104 – R1 422
Child Dependant R408 – R522
Dimension Prime 2 Option [Network or Non-Network]
Principal Member R1 800 – R2 310
Adult Dependant R1 476 – R1 890
Child Dependant R534 – R690
Dimension Prime 3 Option [Network or Non-Network]
Principal Member R2 352 – R2 940
Adult Dependant R1 986 – R2 490
Child Dependant R684 – R858
Dimension Elite Option
Principal Member R4 272
Adult Dependant R3 996
Child Dependant R1 164
Plus Option
Principal Member R7 464
Adult Dependant R7 464
Child Dependant R1 890

* You only pay for two children younger than 18 years on the Dimension Prime range, after which child dependant rates will apply from the beginning of the year following the year in which they turn 18, until they are 26 years old.

** You pay only R474 if your monthly income does not exceed R400 and if you can provide us with a letter on an official letterhead from your tertiary institution confirming that you are registered as a full-time student.


Medshield Medical Aid Scheme

Medshield Medical Aid Scheme LogoMedshield is one of South Africa’s fastest growing open medical aid schemes. Currently ranked at the sixth largest medical aid scheme they have an ever increasing membership population of almost 200 000. Since 1968 the medical scheme has been providing members with a range of widespread healthcare benefits that are specifically formulated to provide quality services at the lowest possible cost.

Medshield Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

MedPhila Option
Principal Member R1 143
Adult Dependant R1 143
Child Dependant R288
MediValue Option
Principal Member R1 680
Adult Dependant R1 464
Child Dependant R459
MediCore Option
Principal Member R2 123
Adult Dependant R1 791
Child Dependant R480
MediPlus Option
Principal Member R2 817
Adult Dependant R2 004
Child Dependant R618
MediSaver Option
Principal Member R2 850
Adult Dependant R2 382
Child Dependant R684
MediBonus Option
Principal Member R4 641
Adult Dependant R3 252
Child Dependant R942
PremiumPlus Option
Principal Member R4 830
Adult Dependant R4 413
Child Dependant R903

Momentum Health

Momentum Health Medical Aid Scheme

Momentum Health LogoMomentum Health medical scheme is one of South Africa’s biggest open medical aid schemes. Momentum accredits their fast growth to their service excellence, budgeting expertise and the flexibility of their medical aid plans. The Flexibility of the Momentum healthcare options allows members to shape their healthcare cover according to what suites their needs and budget best.

Momentum Health Options – 2018 Prices

Ingwe Option
Principal Member R370 – R2 409
Adult Dependant R370 – R2 409
Child Dependant R232 – R699
Impact Option
Principal Member R2 150 – R2 630
Adult Dependant R2 150 – R2 630
Child Dependant R635 – R880
Custom Option
Principal Member R2 249
Adult Dependant R1 806
Child Dependant R803
Incentive Option
Principal Member R3 052
Adult Dependant R2 480
Child Dependant R1 189
Extender Option
Principal Member R5 816
Adult Dependant R4 640
Child Dependant R1 745
Summit Option
Principal Member R8 342
Adult Dependant R6 672
Child Dependant R1 916


Profmed Medical Aid Scheme

Profmed Medical Aid Scheme LogoProfmed is a leading medical aid scheme that is committed to providing its members with comprehensive benefits at affordable rates. Unlike other open medical aid schemes that are available to the public, at large the scheme’s membership is restricted to post graduate professionals.

Profmed Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

ProActive Option
Principal Member R689 – R1 528
Adult Dependant R689 – R1 412
Child Dependant R441 – R595
ProActive PLUS Option
Principal Member R1 751
Adult Dependant R1 628
Child Dependant R683
ProSecure Option
Principal Member R2 302 – R3 201
Adult Dependant R2 302 – R2 964
Child Dependant R1 043 – R1 250
ProSecure PLUS Option
Principal Member R3 907
Adult Dependant R3 615
Child Dependant R1 522
ProPinnacle Option
Principal Member R6 668
Adult Dependant R6 185
Child Dependant R2 000

Resolution Health

Resolution Health Medical Aid Scheme

Resolution Health LogoResolution Health is one of South Africa’s top open healthcare schemes. As a forward thinking, innovative, sustainable medical aid they provide unique healthcare service at affordable premiums. At Resolution Health their every effort is in the best interests of their members.

Resolution Health Options – 2018 Prices

Foundation Option
Principal Member R961 – R2 255
Adult Dependant R961 – R2 255
Child Dependant R289 – R774
Hospital Option
Principal Member R1 720
Adult Dependant R1 450
Child Dependant R640
Progressive Flex Option
Principal Member R2 365
Adult Dependant R2 190
Child Dependant R725
Progressive Flex PLUS Option
Principal Member R2 605
Adult Dependant R2 410
Child Dependant R800
Millennium SELECT Option
Principal Member R4 235
Adult Dependant R3 630
Child Dependant R985
Millennium Option
Principal Member R4 660
Adult Dependant R3 990
Child Dependant R1 085
Supreme Option
Principal Member R5 065
Adult Dependant R4 820
Child Dependant R1 255


Sizwe Medical Aid Scheme

Sizwe Medical Aid Scheme LogoIn a sense the scheme was founded for the people by the people, since our democracy in 1994 the scheme has continued to grow with the people of South Africa providing them with affordable comprehensive healthcare every step of the way. It is the vision of Sizwe to provide healthcare to a united rainbow nation, free of marginalisation, political ideologies and financial status.

Sizwe Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

Primary Care Option
Principal Member R427 – R2 442
Adult Dependant R427 – R1 595
Child Dependant R427 – R504
Gomomo Care Option
Principal Member R845 – R2 087
Adult Dependant R835 – R1 704
Child Dependant R352 – R499
Affordable Care Option
Principal Member R2 870 – R3 840
Adult Dependant R2 637 – R3 414
Child Dependant R662 – R767
Full Benefit Care Option
Principal Member R4 421 – R5 129
Adult Dependant R4 016 – R4 663
Child Dependant R903 – R1 008


Spectramed Medical Aid Scheme

Spectramed Medical Aid Scheme LogoSpectramed Medical Scheme is one of the best known medical schemes in the country. For the past 50+ years members have benefited from their experience and professional service, other medical aid schemes provide the same basic healthcare services as the competition.

Spectramed Scheme Options – 2018 Prices

Spectra Aqua Option
Principal Member R1 335
Adult Dependant R1 230
Child Dependant R472
Spectra Cyan Option
Principal Member R1 928 – R2 647
Adult Dependant R1 887 – R2 572
Child Dependant R771 – R1 061
Spectra Capri Option
Principal Member R2 213
Adult Dependant R1 802
Child Dependant R1 005
Spectra Azure Option
Principal Member R3 758 – R4 034
Adult Dependant R2 117 – R2 892
Child Dependant R1 133 – R1 417
Spectra Cobalt Option
Principal Member R5 993
Adult Dependant R5 460
Child Dependant R2 079


Topmed Medical Aid Scheme

Topmed Medical Aid Scheme LogoTopmed is a registered medical scheme that is passionate about providing a variety of healthcare options that have been specifically formulated to cater to the needs of individuals, SME’s and corporate clients alike. Established in 1972, they believe in an innovative approach offering members the highest level of service excellence. Driven by their desire to provide their members with the best healthcare possible they have joined hands with Momentum Medical Scheme as partners in managed care and administration.

Topmed Medical Scheme – 2018 Prices

Network Option
Principal Member R348 – R1 889
Adult Dependant R348 – R1 889
Child Dependant R348 – R506
Essential Option
Principal Member R1 588
Adult Dependant R1 278
Child Dependant R645
Active Saver Option
Principal Member R1 598
Adult Dependant R1 598
Child Dependant R529
Limited Option
Principal Member R2 267
Adult Dependant R990
Child Dependant R416
Savings Option
Principal Member R2 523
Adult Dependant R2 015
Child Dependant R760
Family Option
Principal Member R3 836
Adult Dependant R3 066
Child Dependant R1 048
Executive Option
Principal Member R4 894
Adult Dependant R3 906
Child Dependant R1 488
Comprehensive Option
Principal Member R6 672
Adult Dependant R5 506
Child Dependant R1 566