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Top South African Medical Aid Schemes

Finding the correct scheme and option can be a very difficult task as there are so many to choose from. At Medical Aid Search, we only feature 15 of South Africa’s top medical aid schemes. These schemes have great track records and are synonymous with the medical aid industry in South Africa.

Learn more about each medical scheme and their options. Download the brochures if you need more details about a certain option that specific scheme offers.

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Featured South African Schemes:


    Bestmed Medical Aid Scheme

    After being part of the medical aid industry for fifty years BestMed Medical aid is still setting the pace amongst medical aid schemes with respect to healthcare standards. Currently ranked fifth in the industry, they will continue providing their members with the same excellent service and outstanding client care they have grown accustomed to. Learn More »


    Bonitas Medical Aid Scheme

    Bonitas medical aid is a fully registered medical scheme, for the past 31 years our board of trustees have been personally selected by their members to act in the best interest of both parties. They understand that every person wants to live their perfect life and that health issues can sometimes stand in the way. Learn More »


    Commed Medical Aid Scheme

    Established 25 years ago Commed is an open medical aid scheme that is administered by a privately owned BEE company Allcare Administrators. The board of trustees meticulously work round the clock to ensure the interests of its members are secured. The scheme prides itself on being awarded the PMR Diamond Arrow Award for being the best medical aid administrator 5 years running. Learn More »

    Discovery Health

    Discovery Health Scheme

    Discovery Health is South Africa’s best known healthcare funder with more than 2.5 million members they are the largest medical aid scheme in the country. Discovery Health complies with every aspect of medical scheme governance including the King lll Code for corporate governance. Learn More »


    Fedhealth Medical Aid Scheme

    Fedhealth is a leading open medical aid scheme that has provided South Africa with their unique perspective on what healthcare is all about. For the past 75 years Fedhealth has stood fast by their principles of providing nothing but the best possible healthcare at premiums designed to suit every pocket. Learn More »


    Genesis Medical Aid Scheme

    Genesis is a successful open healthcare services providers that make it their business to provide the public with afford medical aid cover and benefit options. These options are tailor made to fit the healthcare needs of any person regardless of how diverse they may be. Learn More »


    Keyhealth Medical Aid Scheme

    KeyHealth is an open medical aid scheme with a lineage dating back as far as the early 20th Century. The scheme maintains the values they were founded on and today continue to provide scores of South Africans with a series of comprehensive yet diverse healthcare options. Learn More »

    Liberty Health

    Liberty Health Scheme

    Liberty Health has made providing quality healthcare their business. Through years of hard work, expertise and commitment to their members they have worked to forge strong partnerships with healthcare professionals and service providers alike in order to provide members with a network of quality service providers that are capable of catering to their every healthcare needs. Learn More »


    Medihelp Medical Aid Scheme

    Medihelp is one of South Africa’s largest open medical aid schemes. Everyday approximately 220 000 South Africans rely on Medihelp to provide them with affordable medical aid cover. In an ever changing healthcare industry, where legislations constantly change and the cost of healthcare is ever rising, Medihelp overcomes these challenges with effortless ease and continue to make quality healthcare more accessible. Learn More »


    Medshield Medical Aid Scheme

    Medshield is one of South Africa’s fastest growing open medical aid schemes. Currently ranked at the sixth largest medical aid scheme they have an ever increasing membership population of almost 200 000. Since 1968 the medical scheme has been providing members with a range of widespread healthcare benefits that are specifically formulated to provide quality services at the lowest possible cost. Learn More »

    Momentum Health

    Momentum Health Scheme

    Momentum Health medical scheme is one of South Africa’s biggest open medical aid schemes. Momentum accredits their fast growth to their service excellence, budgeting expertise and the flexibility of their medical aid plans. The Flexibility of the Momentum healthcare options allows members to shape their healthcare cover according to what suites their needs and budget best. Learn More »


    Profmed Medical Aid Scheme

    Profmed is a leading medical aid scheme that is committed to providing its members with comprehensive benefits at affordable rates. Unlike other open medical aid schemes that are available to the public, at large the scheme’s membership is restricted to post graduate professionals. Learn More »

    Resolution Health

    Resolution Health Scheme

    Resolution Health is one of South Africa’s top open healthcare schemes. As a forward thinking, innovative, sustainable medical aid they provide unique healthcare service at affordable premiums. At Resolution Health their every effort is in the best interests of their members. Learn More »


    Sizwe Medical Fund

    In a sense the scheme was founded for the people by the people, since our democracy in 1994 the scheme has continued to grow with the people of South Africa providing them with affordable comprehensive healthcare every step of the way. It is the vision of Sizwe to provide healthcare to a united rainbow nation, free of marginalisation, political ideologies and financial status. Learn More »


    Spectramed Medical Aid Scheme

    Spectramed Medical Scheme is one of the best known medical schemes in the country. For the past 50+ years members have benefited from their experience and professional service, other medical aid schemes provide the same basic healthcare services as the competition. Learn More »