Bonitas Medical Aid Scheme

Bonitas medical aid is a fully registered medical scheme, for the past 31 years our board of trustees have been personally selected by their members to act in the best interest of both parties. They understand that every person wants to live their perfect life and that health issues can sometimes stand in the way. Bonitas offer a wide range of affordable healthcare plans making it a little easier for their members to get the healthcare they need so that they live the life they deserve.

Unlike other open healthcare policies that use big technical terms and have hidden costs Bonitas healthcare plans are straight forward with no hidden costs. They offer quality healthcare at affordable rates. Bonitas strives to eliminate any confusion so that their members know exactly what they are covered for.

Bonitas’ Mission

Bonitas understands that not everyone needs the same day-to-day cover, which is why they bring you a series of excellent healthcare plans to suit every need as well as every budget. Because they care about their members they have made it their mission to make their healthcare plans as flexible as possible without skimping on quality.

Bonitas’ Vision

Their vision is that through their unique approach the very mention of the name Bonitas will bring to mind a thought of compassion, safety, security, reliability and most of all the best healthcare of all time.

Scheme Values

Bonitas has a strict value system; they don’t just promise they deliver. Working hard every day to bring added value to the lives of their members they guarantee that up to 90% of a members claims will be paid directly by them eliminating any unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses and providing peace of mind. As part of their service excellence they encourage their members to think of them not only as a service provider but as a friend you can always rely on.

Scheme Benefits

They ensure that any and all benefits provided by them are pre-approved by the council for medical schemes. All of their members will have access to a wide range of the country’s best doctor’s, pharmacies and hospitals. For major benefits such as hospitalisation pre-authorisation is required with the exception of emergencies.

Scheme Options

Bonitas is serious about healthcare and the well being of their members. This is why they have put together a series of healthcare plans to ensure you find the perfect option that offers benefits to suit you.

Traditional Plans

Their traditional plans offer straight forward healthcare cover; benefits are covered at 100% of the standard Bonitas rates. Included in their traditional plans are dentistry benefits, day-to-day benefits, GP visit benefits and hospitalisation benefits. Their Traditional Plan options are: Standard Plan and Primary Plan.

New Generation Plans

Bonitas’ New Generation Plans provide an unlimited overall limit along with a savings account. The expenses rate differs from plan to plan. Their New Generation Plan options are BonSave, BonClassic and BonComprehensive.

Hospital Plans

Their hospital plans are primarily intended to provide cover against hospitalisation but they also include various supplementary benefits. Major medical care is covered at 100% of the standard Bonitas rates. The Hospital Plan options the BonEssential.