Liberty Health Medical Aid Scheme

Liberty Health has made providing quality healthcare their business. Through years of hard work, expertise and commitment to their members they have worked to forge strong partnerships with healthcare professionals and service providers alike in order to provide members with a network of quality service providers that are capable of catering to their every healthcare needs.

Utilising the knowledge that comes with years of experience the medical aid scheme has created a series of healthcare solutions to suit the needs of both the private and corporate sectors. Liberty Health prides them on providing members with real value for money.

Liberty Health’s Mission

Liberty Health encourages members to take full advantage of their healthcare benefits, the wellbeing and recuperation of member are top priority. The scheme strive for excellence in everything they do from answering their telephones to settling claims but most of all providing the best possible healthcare to their members regardless of benefit options.

Liberty Health’s Vision

Growing their member family through service excellence, Liberty Health aim at making healthcare as quick, easy and stress-free as possible

Scheme Values

Instead of overwhelming clients with a list of benefit options that offer more of the same Liberty Health have opted for several benefit options that are not only straight forward and easy to understand they cater to the needs of every income group from high income earners to midlevel income earners and especially low income earners. The scheme believes that each person deserves quality healthcare, settling for quantity above quality is not in their nature. Here each member counts.

Scheme Benefits

Liberty health benefits are unparalleled when they say you get more for your rand they truly mean it. Apart from your everyday day to day coverage they also provide in and out of hospital benefits, GP visit, specialised care, maternity benefits and disease management.

In addition to the basic benefit cover the medical aid scheme also provide benefit cover for sports both professional and extreme. As part of their service excellence full time students are charged child dependant rates, benefits are immediately available in case of emergencies and in the event of crime trauma counselling will be provided.

Scheme Options

Liberty Health affords its members the freedom of choice and is the medical scheme that fits all, scheme options provided by them are:

Traditional Ultimate

Liberty Health’s most comprehensive private health cover option, this flexible plan allows members to use their service provider of choice. The Traditional Ultimate option has an impressive reimbursement rate of up to 300% of the standard LMS.

Download Traditional Ultimate Brochure

Complete Plus

Excellent hospital cover along with a savings account benefit for day to day expenses, members may choose which service providers to use.

Download Complete Plus Brochure

Saver Plus

The Saver Plus option will cover all of your healthcare needs. This plan offers generous day to day benefits a medical savings account and cover for chronic conditions this plan is excellent for a growing family.

Download Saver Plus Brochure

Hospital Plus

The best cover option for unexpected medical expenses. This healthcare option offers great hospital benefits including freedom of choice for hospital facilities.

Download Hospital Plus Brochure

Complete Standard

This option provides the best all round health benefit cover along with unlimited in hospital healthcare cover.

Download Complete Standard Brochure

Complete Select

Unlimited cover for in hospital healthcare, this option provides the best all round cover benefits. As a more affordable healthcare option service providers must be chosen from Liberty approved network of service providers. Chronic medication for this option is provided via the state.

Download Complete Select Brochure

Saver Standard

The Saver Standard option is best suited for individuals and young families. Benefits include maternity, private ward fees, consultations and children’s chronic medicine.

Download Saver Standard Brochure

Saver Select

The Saver Select option offers great maternity benefits as well as benefits for young children making it the perfect choice for an expanding family, the use of pre approved network facilities and service providers apply. Chronic medication for this option is provided via the state.

Download Saver Select Brochure

Hospital Standard

The Hospital Standard options lets you pay for what you need, it provides some of the same benefits as the other healthcare plans. There are no day to day benefits and no medical savings account for out of hospital expenses.

Download Hospital Standard Brochure

Hospital Select

The Hospital Select option is a cost effective plan, providing some of the same benefits as the other Liberty Health benefit plans. This healthcare plan provides no medical savings account and no day to day benefits.

Download Hospital Select Brochure

Traditional Standard

The Traditional Standard option is an affordable healthcare option providing comprehensive healthcare at any of the primary care network facilities. For hospitalisation and day to day benefits the care cross network of service providers must be used.

Download Traditional Standard Brochure