Medshield Medical Aid Scheme

Medshield is one of South Africa’s fastest growing open medical aid schemes. Currently ranked at the sixth largest medical aid scheme they have an ever increasing membership population of almost 200 000. Since 1968 the medical scheme has been providing members with a range of widespread healthcare benefits that are specifically formulated to provide quality services at the lowest possible cost.

In addition to their unmatched customer service the scheme boasts a most impressive financial reputation, they take great pride in their ability to honour member claims. Their financial stability is backed up by Global Credit Rating Agency who has awarded them with an AA- financial rating. Because an AA- rating is one of the highest ratings that can be achieved members can be rest assured that their claims will be settled on time every time.

Medshield’s Mission

They have secured strategic partnerships with some of South Africa’s top healthcare service provides in order to provide members with a network of the best service providers who are ready to provide them with quality healthcare services at affordable rates.

In order to provide members with better customer care they have launched online consultations. Online consultations allow members the opportunity to have a one on one online consultation with a real Medshield representative.

The scheme strives to provide members with the opportunity to experience medical aid cover the way it should be comprehensive, flexible and hassle free.

Medshield’s Vision

Providing members with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered no matter what.

Scheme Values

The medical scheme relies on their values of hard work, customer dedication, professionalism and compassion to bring their member a medical aid scheme they can rely on in sickness and in health. hey focus on improving the quality of health care their members receive because they believe their members deserve only the best.

Scheme Benefits

The medical aid scheme believe that members shouldn’t have to change their healthcare requirements to better suit the healthcare provider instead they have developed a range of healthcare benefits that will better suit the member.

Members will receive the following benefits:

  • Oncology Network for patients with cancer.
  • Access to emergency treatment.
  • Personal savings account.
  • Disease management programmes, including cardiac disease.
  • The Medshield pharmacy network makes purchasing medication easier.
  • Healthcare services provided at anyone of the network of service providers or facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a member visit any GP for medical consultation?
A: Yes, as long as the visit is within available limits.

Q: When can a member change his/her benefits option?
A: Benefit options may only be changed once a year, members will be notified when they are able to change from one plan to another.

Scheme Options

In order to provide members with a variety of healthcare options they have created eight benefits options to ensure that their members find exactly the type of cover they are looking for.

Benefit options are as follows:

Premium Plus

The Premium Plus option is ideal for families and corporate individuals that require high level healthcare. The option covers unlimited in-hospital care at any hospital on the Medshield network. The Normal tariff for in-hospital care is 100%, the Premium Plus option allows for specific in-hospital procedures to be paid at the Medshield private tariff rate of 200%. The personal savings account on this option may be used for day to day expenses.

Download Premium Plus Brochure


The MediBonus option provides comprehensive and unlimited in-hospital cover at any hospital on the Medshield network. Specific in hospital procedures are covered at 200% Medshield tariff. With this option out of hospital benefits include dental benefit, optical benefits, radiology, pathology, specialist and GP visits.

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Download MediPhila Brochure


The MediPlus option is better suited for higher level income earners. Benefits include unlimited in-hospital cover at any hospital on the Medshield network. Additional benefits include comprehensive out of hospital cover for Radiology, Pathology, specialist and GP visits including ocular and basic dentistry.

Download MediPlus Brochure


The MediValue option is ideal for the young and healthy offering unlimited in hospital cover at any hospital on the Medshield network, the option also provides out of hospital healthcare.

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Core Plus

The Core Plus option is perfect for young individuals with basic healthcare needs, providing unlimited in-hospital cover at any hospital on the Medshield network. Specific in-hospital procedures are covered at Medshield Private Tariff of 200%. There are no day to day benefits available on the Core Plus option.

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