Momentum Health Medical Aid Scheme

Momentum Health medical scheme is one of South Africa’s biggest open medical aid schemes. Momentum accredits their fast growth to their service excellence, budgeting expertise and the flexibility of their medical aid plans. The Flexibility of the Momentum healthcare options allows members to shape their healthcare cover according to what suites their needs and budget best.

Momentum Health understands that health is the most important asset in each person’s life as such they strive to improve the overall health of all their members by providing comprehensive healthcare that is not only affordable it is easily accessible. Momentum sets itself apart from the rest; unlike other open medical aid schemes Momentum Health reward their members with free GP visits and by allowing them to earn back a potential R5 400 in health returns.

Momentum Health’s Mission

Momentum wants their member’s health to become their wealth. Momentum health is committed to building reliable partnerships with service providers which will enable them to provide members with better healthcare benefits that are not only affordable but also flexible enough to cater to even the most complex needs.

Momentum Health’s Vision

It is Momentum Health’s vision to provide healthcare services that are beyond compare in order to secure their place as one the best open medical aid scheme in South Africans.

Scheme Values

Momentum is driven by their values, it defines their decision making, customer care and overall business practises.

The values Momentum function by on a daily basis are:

  • Diversity – by welcoming and promoting diversity Momentum is better equipped to cater to the healthcare needs of all South Africans.
  • Accountability – they accepts full accountability for service agreements as well as the action taken by employees.
  • Innovation – they are constantly working on ways to provide better services to their members and stakeholders.
  • Teamwork – they rely on teamwork from both its employees and members in order to achieve results that are mutually beneficial.
  • Integrity – they maintains their integrity through honesty, hard work, keeping promises and overall respect for all their members.
  • Excellence – they make every effort to maintain service excellence in all their endeavours.

Scheme Benefits

In addition to affordable healthcare Momentum health offers members a massive saving of up to 35% on member contributions as well as an annual health assessment free of charge. Over and above the in-hospital benefits Momentum also provides preventative care and specialist cover.

The HealthSaver plan enables members to plan ahead for unforeseen medical expenses that are not covered by their healthcare option. As a little incentive Momentum member enjoy benefits and discounts from the rewards program.

Scheme Options

In order to provide their members with the best healthcare possible Momentum has made agreements with some of the best healthcare service providers in the country ranging from doctors to hospitals, clinics even pharmacies.

Healthcare options available are:

Ingwe Option Providers

The Ingwe option provides hospital benefits for any Ingwe Network hospital or state hospital for day to day benefits as well as chronic benefits. Ingwe Active Primary Care Network Providers may be used or as an alternative Ingwe Primary Care service providers.

Dentistry, radiology and pathology are covered in this option but are subjected to specific tariff codes.

Download Ingwe Brochure

Access Option

The Access option offers hospitalisation benefits as well as chronic and day to day benefits, members must use pre approved Access Network hospitals and Access Primary Care Network facilities.

Dentistry, radiology and pathology are covered in this option but are subjected to specific tariff codes.

Download Access Brochure

Custom, Incentive and Extender Option Providers

For this option hospital, chronic and day to day benefits are available. Members my select which service provider or hospital they wish to use, alternatively a list of associated GPs and service providers will be provided.

Summit Option Providers

The most comprehensive cover plan, full benefits apply. Members have freedom of choice regarding service providers.

Download Summit Option Brochure