Resolution Health Medical Aid Scheme

Resolution Health is one of South Africa’s top open healthcare schemes. As a forward thinking, innovative, sustainable medical aid they provide unique healthcare service at affordable premiums. At Resolution Health their every effort is in the best interests of their members. As a patient driven medical aid scheme Resolution Health endeavour to enable members to manage their healthcare with as much efficiency and effectiveness as possible

Resolution Health is so committed to enhancing the health and overall quality of life of South African citizens they work tirelessly to constantly provide innovative healthcare options. In order to insure members receive only the best quality services Resolution Health has partnered up with Agility Global Health Solutions an administration and managed care provider.

Resolution Health’s Mission

Resolution Health is going all out to ensure that all South Africans have access to quality healthcare at a reasonable price. In order to keep their scheme financially sustainable without compromising quality of benefits or service Resolution Health diligently manage their growth and potential risks by forming partnerships with reliable service providers.

Resolution Health’s Vision

Resolution Health aims at being South Africa’s primary healthcare service provider of choice across all sectors.

Scheme Values

Resolution Health believes in incorporating their values into every aspect of their organisation. It is through accountability, transparency, utilisation and sustainability that they are able to cater to the diverse needs of their members.

Scheme Strategy

Resolution Health actively encourages their members to embrace life. In an attempt to give something back to the community Resolution Health has undertaken a campaign to provide support and visits to the needy and underprivileged, creating awareness and educating the community about important health issues.

Scheme Benefits

Resolution Health members have an extensive list of healthcare benefits at their disposal some of which include:

  • Maternity benefits
  • Child immunisation benefit
  • Hospital care
  • Day to day benefits
  • Chronic benefits
  • Acute medication
  • Oncology benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Ocular benefits
  • Medical savings account
  • Specialised visits
  • Unlimited GP visits
  • Emergency benefits
  • Preventative care
  • Reduced co-payments
  • Trauma counselling

Scheme Options

In an attempt to make choosing a healthcare service option easier Resolution Health has simplified their benefit structures to make them simpler and easy to understand, making it that much easier for member to select a service option that will best suit them.

Available options are:

Supreme Option

The Supreme option is ideal for members who require extensive medical aid cover. The option provides generous day to day privelagous, cover against chronic illnesses and comprehensive in-hospital benefits.

Download the Supreme Option Brochure

Millennium Option

The Millennium option provides members with comprehensive hospital cover as well as chronic benefits, for day to day expenses the medical savings account comes in handy.

Download the Millennium Option Brochure

Classic Option

The Classic option is ideal for members with a growing family as it provides great benefits for kids as well as comprehensive hospital and day to day benefits that are affordable.

Download the Classic Option Brochure

Progressive Flex Option

The Progressive Flex option is ideal for young healthy individuals. It provides sufficient cover for hospitalisation and day to day expenses. Contracted network hospitals are used for this option.

Download the Progressive Flex Option Brochure

Hospital Option

The Hospital option is ideal for individuals that are healthy and have limited healthcare requirements. Hospitalisation is approved for any hospital of the member’s choices. This scheme offers no day to day benefits.

Download the Hospital Option Brochure

Foundation Option

The Foundation option is ideal for individuals on a lower income that don’t require specialised healthcare. The option provides basic hospital and day to day benefits.

Download the Foundation Option Brochure