Sizwe Medical Fund

Part of the medical aid industry for close to forty years the Sizwe Medical Fund is still bringing affordable medical cover to the people of South Africa. Sizwe Medical Fund has recognised the need for affordable health care in South Africa as such they have utilised their industry expertise and years of experience to build relationships with both medical professional and service providers to better cater to the needs of the people.

The majority of medical schemes in South Africa have an average annual increase of between 8% and 9% being committed to providing the best possible services. Sizwe Medical Fund has an annual increase of just 6.9% one of the lowest in the industry. Unlike some of its competitors that increase their annual premiums but leave their benefits unchanged, Sizwe Medical Fund has seen fit to increase their benefits by a further 6.2%.

With Sizwe Medical Fund you are more than just a number, their commitment to their clients is evidence of this. As a member of Sizwe medical aid members can look forward to:

  • Quality healthcare that is both easily accessible and affordable
  • A variety of healthcare options to suite every need and budget
  • A working partnership with medical professionals
  • A long term relationship with medical aid service provider that is committed to catering to the needs of the people

Sizwe’s Mission and Vision

Established by a group of black doctors in 1978, the Sizwe Medical Fund was led by Dr Nthato Motlana who was both a business man and a political stalwart. The scheme was founded in order to provide comprehensive health care to the thousands of South Africans that had been marginalised due to political ideologies.

In a sense the scheme was founded for the people by the people. Since our democracy in 1994 the scheme has continued to grow with the people of South Africa providing them with affordable comprehensive healthcare every step of the way. It is the vision of Sizwe to provide healthcare to a united rainbow nation, free of marginalisation, political ideologies and financial status.

Scheme Values

The Sizwe slogan is “caring for the health of the nation” this is as strong today as it was back in 1978 the fund was founded on the values of commitment, community, heritage, rich benefits and simplicity which has remained its foundation to today.

Scheme Benefits

Sizwe offers its member’s affordable healthcare at affordable prices with a range of options to suite every need and every pocket.

Scheme Options

Savings Care

Download Savings Care Plan Brochure

Gomomo Care

Gomomo Care is an entry level medical aid plan ideally suited for lower income earners. It provides day to day cover along with hospitalisation, basic dentistry, GP visits, maternity benefits, radiology and in hospital treatments.

Download Gomomo Care Plan Brochure

Primary Care Plan

Primary care is for higher income earners and those with dependents, it provides more comprehensive cover. Benefits include hospitalisation, basic plus in hospital dentistry, maternity benefits, radiology, oncology, psychiatric hospitalisation, prosthesis stents and organ transplants.

Download Primary Care Plan Brochure

Affordable Care

Affordable Care is for high income earners with more comprehensive healthcare needs, the scheme provides out of hospital benefits along with specialist visits, GP visits, acute and pharmacy medicine, radiology, oncology, optical visits, dentistry both in and out of hospital, physiotherapy, maternity, stents, alcoholism and contraceptives.

Download Affordable Care Plan Brochure

Full Benefit Plan

Full Benefit Plan is for high income earners that require specialise healthcare, benefits include day to day cover, hospitalisation cover, dentistry both in and out of hospital, maternity benefits, GP visits, specialist visits, private nursing, optical visits and surgery, radiology, oncology, screening tests, organ transplant, contraceptives, stents and organ transplants.

Download Full Benefit Plan Brochure

Please note that all of the above mentioned benefits are subject to the PMB’s as set forth by the Sizwe Medical Fund.