Spectramed Medical Aid Scheme

SpectraMed Medical Scheme is one of the best known medical schemes in the country. For the past 50+ years members have benefited from their experience and professional service, other medical aid schemes provide the same basic healthcare services as the competition. Spectramed on the other hand takes healthcare to a whole new level.

The scheme goes the extra mile for their member bringing them next generation healthcare today. The Healthcare options provided by Spectramed are a unique combination of old and new benefits; the result is a series of exciting hybrid healthcare options that are full of benefits without any of the frills.

Being a member means you have made the right healthcare investment. The Council for Medical schemes has set the medical schemes solvency ratio at 25% at present the medical scheme’s solvency level is above 25% with strong financial reserves. SpectraMed is financially capable of providing long term cover to all its members.

Spectramed’s Mission

It is Spectramed’s mission to provide members with unique healthcare benefits to suite their unique healthcare requirements. They rely on 50 years worth of industry knowledge and experience to determine the type of cover members may need. It is this hand’s on approach that enables the scheme to provide tomorrow’s healthcare today.

Spectramed’s Vision

In an ever changing industry the medical scheme envisions providing South African citizens with healthcare cover that can be trusted. Through their service excellence SpectraMed is confident that all their members have more than just affordable healthcare they have peace of mind.

Scheme Values

Spectramed embrace their values of hard work, reliability, accountability, care and compassion, these values are enforced in everything they do. As part of their outstanding customer care they provide 24 hour emergency assistance to all their members.

Scheme Benefits

Spectramed offer their members comprehensive services that add value to their lives. Their benefits include extensive benefits for day to day expenses, hospitalisation cover and a medical savings scheme.

Apart from the basic healthcare benefits the scheme also provide added benefits such as:

Spectra SOS

This added benefit is specifically designed for emergencies.

Spectra Care

This added benefit provides members with advice on medical and health related issues.

Spectra Assist

This added benefit provides members with 24 hour trauma support.

Scheme Options

SpectraMed pride them on providing members with medical aid products that are both rationally appropriate and affordable. As an added safety precaution the scheme has seen fit to formulate healthcare options that provide both insured benefits and assured benefits.

Insured benefits provide cover against events that may happen, whereas assured benefits provide cover against events that will possible happen.

SpectraMed Healthcare options are as follows:

Spectra Cobalt

The Spectra cobalt option provides the best benefits, designed to provide comprehensive cover for day to day medical expenses, hospital cover and general healthcare making it the best choice.

Download the Cobalt Brochure

Spectra Azure

The Spectra Azure option provides members with unlimited in-hospital cover as well as cover for day to day expenses and basic dentistry. An affordable plan the Spectra Azure is perfect for individuals and a young family.

Download the Azure Brochure

Spectra Capri

The Spectra Capri option is a more affordable option, providing reliable hospital cover. This option is better suited for healthier individuals.

Download the Capri Brochure

Spectra Cyan

The Spectra Cyan option offers better value for money. An overall limit covers a variety of day to day expenses along with major medical expenses. This option is perfect for individuals of small families who are starting out.

Download the Cyan Brochure

Spectra Aqua

Individuals that are healthy and require no out of hospital services could benefit greatly from this option. The Spectra Aqua option provides in hospital cover along with an overall annual limit that is determined by the amount of beneficiaries.

Download the Aqua Brochure