Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical aid?

To learn more about Medical Aids and what it is, please read our “What is a Medical Aid?” article.

How do I decide which Medical Aid to join?

We provide you with all the necessary information about the medical aid schemes in South Africa we service. Among them are the leading medical aid schemes in South Africa. By educating you on the various schemes, you will know exactly what you will get. Visit our Medical Aid Schemes page for information on the 11 medical aid schemes we feature.

How do I apply for a Medical Aid Scheme?

When visiting our Medical Aid Schemes page, you will see a “Compare Now” link under each medical aid. By clicking on this link you will be sent to a page where you can fill in your details and click on the button below the form. Your details will be sent to a company who will contact you and provide you with 3 to 4 quotes including the specific medical aid you prefer.

I see you are an independent website, what does that mean?

MedicalAidSearch.co.za is an affiliate website. This means that we work independently and are not a medical aid scheme. We provide you with all the necessary information to make your choice much easier. After you fill in our form your details will be sent to Medquote who work in partnership with Optivest Health Services, a registered Financial Service Provider, who will contact and provide you with comparative quotes. In return MedicalAidSearch.co.za are paid a small commission fee by Optivest Health Services. This commission doesn’t affect the member’s monthly premiums. This means that a member does not pay the commission fee.

What does all these mambo jumbo medical aid terms mean?

I know that terms used by medical aid schemes can be sometimes or even most of the time confusing. Luckily for you, we have written an article explaining some of these “mambo jumbo” terms to you. You are welcome to read our “Terms Used by Medical Aid Schemes” article.

What are “day-to-day” benefits?

This type of services is medical services, which a member qualifies for when he/she is not hospitalised. This includes services such as glasses, medications, doctor consultations, etc.

Can a Medical Aid refuse a new member?

No, unless it is a closed schemes. These includes medical aid schemes such as Profmed, which only covers graduated professionals such as lawyers, doctors, etc.

How is a medical aid scheme rated?

A medical aid scheme is rated by Global Credit Rating (GCR), an independent company that rates schemes on their claims paying ability. These companies are then given a rating. These ratings range from BBB-, which is the lowest rating to AA, which is the highest rating.

What Medical Aid Schemes are best in terms of credit rating?

Please see the list below of what the schemes are currently rated as:

Featured Schemes: Rating:
Discovery health AA
FedHealth AA-
Bonitas AA-
Spectramed A+
Liberty Health A+
Momentum Health A+
Resolution Health A
Can I belong to more than one Medical Aid Scheme?

No, you can only be a member of one medical aid scheme at a time.

I want to move to another Medical Aid Scheme. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. Please note that all medical aid schemes need to be notified a calendar month in advance.

If I apply for a Medical Aid Scheme option, will I be covered immediately?

Medical aids will impose a 3-month waiting period wherein no claims will be paid out and/or 12-month exclusion for any pre-existing medical condition.

When are someone qualified to be a dependent?

Any person who is financially dependent on the main member can qualify as a member. Please note that children can be dependents of a medical aid scheme up to the age of 21. Some medical aids do cover children to the age of 27, which is financially dependent on the main member.

What is a late joiner penalty?

A late joiner penalty is a penalty that is enforced by medical aid schemes to members that have not been a member of medical scheme for a certain period. This normally applies to those that are 35 years of age and older. Read our “Medical Aids and Late-Joiner Penalties” article for more information.

How is a late joiner penalty calculated?

For more details on how a late joiner penalty is calculated, read our “Medical Aids and Late-Joiner Penalties” article.

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