Protect yourself against medical shortfalls

A medical scheme membership does not mean you will not have extra medical expenses.

In the South African medical landscape, the medical practitioner can charge more for in-hospital procedures than what your medical scheme is willing to pay.

That creates a situation where you as the patient go to hospital for Specialist, Anaesthetist and Radiology services and you are charged up to 500% of medical scheme rate. The difference between the private doctor’s rate and your medical scheme tariff creates an excess amount which you would be charged for in your personal capacity.

Gap Cover Products

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Gap Cover

Gap Cover is a short term insurance product for members of a medical scheme, providing extra cover for medical shortfalls that could occur during in-hospital procedures.

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CoPay Cover

Another potential out-of-pocket expense for medical scheme members is co-payments for in- and out-of-hospital procedures.

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Gap & CoPay Cover

To get the most out of Gap Cover invest in Gap Cover & CoPay Cover to prevent any unpleasant out-of-pocket expenses after your hospital procedure.

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Thanks for the assisting me in getting a medical aid. My husband and I was planning on starting a family and we know we needed medical aid. Your consultants was very friendly and helpful.

Thandi Gqiba

Wow! Your service was really fast! I requested a quote on your website and within a day I received a call from a consultant who provided me with information. I received my quote the same day and I’m happy to be a medical aid member. Keep up the great service!

Peter Dayile

Thanks to Medical Aid Search & MedQuote for providing such a wonderful service. With so many medical aid schemes it was difficult to compare the different options and to make the right decision.

Doreen Swanepoel