Genesis Medical Aid Scheme

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About Genesis Medical Aid Scheme

Genesis Medical Aid Scheme LogoGenesis is a successful open healthcare services providers that make it their business to provide the public with affordable medical aid cover and benefit options. These options are tailor made to fit the healthcare needs of any person regardless of how diverse they may be.

Established in 1995 Genesis Medical Aid Scheme are one of South Africa’s most formidable medical aid schemes. They take great pride in their ability to provide their members with peace of mind through product and service excellence.

The Genesis Medical Scheme has received a rating as one of the country’s most successful medical aid schemes. Their success has been measured not only by their ability to provide healthcare services that are Rand for Rand better but also by efficiency in settling claims.

Genesis Medical Scheme truly care about their members, in recent years their contribution increases have been kept as low as possible as appose to their benefits structure that has increased.

Genesis Medical’s Mission

Providing members with the freedom of choice, unlike other medical aid schemes that compel members to settle for healthcare at a series of network facilities Genesis Medical Scheme leaves the decision over to its members allowing them freedom to choose their preferred healthcare provider and healthcare facility.

It is important to note that Genesis Medical Scheme does not however provide healthcare treatments or services in any way shape or form; they provide reimbursement in terms of their rules. Making it all the more important that members understand these products, services and rules set forth by Genesis.

Genesis Medical’s Vision

It is Genesis vision to provide healthcare that is simplified without compromising on quality or affordability.

Scheme Values

The Genesis healthcare scheme prides themselves on their values of honesty, integrity, reliability, accountability, hard work and dedication. All of these values are incorporated into the services they provide from handling claims to answering the telephone.

Scheme Benefits

At Genesis they encourage individuals to stop looking for the cheapest possible healthcare cover and instead opt for healthcare cover that caters to their every healthcare requirement providing overall medical cover.

Genesis offers a series of medical aid benefits ranging from hospital plans to medical aid cover that is both comprehensive and provides a personal savings account for those pesky day to day expenses.

Discovery Health Stats

2018 (current year)

Total Scheme Options (2018): 4


Total Principal Members: 9 082
Total Beneficiaries: 21 976
Average Family Size: 1.42
Solvency Ratio: 173%


Total Principal Members: 8 592
Total Beneficiaries: 21 488
Average Family Size: 1.50
Solvency Ratio: 163%