Profmed Medical Aid Scheme

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About Profmed Medical Aid Scheme

Profmed Medical Aid Scheme LogoProfmed is a leading medical aid scheme that is committed to providing its members with comprehensive benefits at affordable rates. Unlike other open medical aid schemes that are available to the public, at large the scheme’s membership is restricted to post graduate professionals. They uphold their status as a restrictive healthcare scheme by ensuring potential members meet no less than one of the schemes eligibility criteria, members who do not meet the minimum requirements are not considered.

As a restricted scheme the management of the scheme falls to the board of trustees, to ensure that the needs of the members are being met all elected trustees are Profmed medical aid members. The board of trustees are made up of ten members, scheme members choose five of the trustees and the remaining five are selected by the board.

Profmed’s Mission

As a restricted scheme Profmed is committed to providing unparalleled healthcare that will suite the unique lifestyles of professionals.

For individuals to qualify for the membership they must have at least:

  • Two three-year degrees from a Technical University or University.
  • A four year qualification and/or four year degree from a Technical University or University.
  • A three year degree including post graduate qualification of one year from a Technical University or University.

Profmed’s Vision

It is Profmed’s vision to remain a restrictive medical aid scheme that provides its member with the appropriate benefits to cater to their unique needs.

Scheme Values

At Profmed members can be rest assured that their needs will be met with care, skill, diligence and above all good faith. It is through implementing these values into their business practices that Profmed is able to provide members with a medical aid scheme that is not only financially stable but fully capable of providing tailor made benefits at affordable rates.

Scheme Benefits

As a restrictive medical aid scheme Profmed is capable of providing members with special benefits for instance:

  • The lowest contribution rates for students
  • Sabbatical benefits
  • Unlimited hospital cover
  • Comprehensive maternity benefits
  • Dreaded Disease cover
  • Post trauma benefits
  • Chronic benefits
  • Wellness programme
  • Adventure leisure sport cover

Scheme Options

As part of their service excellence Profmed has developed five service options which according to financial position and individual needs have been formulated to provide the best healthcare benefits to all members.

Profmed Stats

2018 (current year)

Total Scheme Options (2018): 5


Total Principal Members: 32 665
Total Beneficiaries: 70 342
Average Family Size: 1.15
Solvency Ratio: 52.5%


Total Principal Members: 31 488
Total Beneficiaries: 68 637
Average Family Size: 1.17
Solvency Ratio: 57.3%


Total Principal Members: 30 044
Total Beneficiaries: 66 779
Average Family Size: 1.21
Solvency Ratio: 53.0%