Topmed Medical Aid Scheme

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About Topmed

Topmed Medical Aid Scheme LogoTopmed is a registered medical scheme that is passionate about providing a variety of healthcare options that have been specifically formulated to cater to the needs of individuals, SME’s and corporate clients alike. Established in 1972, they believe in an innovative approach offering members the highest level of service excellence. Driven by their desire to provide their members with the best healthcare possible they have joined hands with Momentum Medical Scheme as partners in managed care and administration.

The board members are chosen by their members to provide customer reassurance that the needs and interests of scheme members are attended to with the greatest of care. The scheme has secured its place in the private healthcare industry through strict governance and a solvency level that is well above the required 25%.

As part of their service excellence the medical scheme strives to provide members with clear and open communication, outstanding administration and product flexibility. Each member receives a comprehensive member guide; therefore members know exactly what their benefits are and what they are paying for.

Topmed’s Mission

With more than 40 years worth of experience TopMed takes full advantage of their strengths, working alongside service providers and members to ensure that the healthcare provided by them is both affordable as well as comprehensive allowing members to live a healthier lifestyle.

Members can be rest assured that they are receiving value for money. Through their innovative approach they are able to provide members with financial stability and quality healthcare.

Topmed’s Vision

TopMed envision being a household name amongst scores of South Africans by utilising their strengths and competitive nature to bring affordable healthcare to all.

Scheme Values

TopMed rely on their core values of efficiency, stability and personal service to ensure that each of their member receives the best level of care possible. With TopMed their members are their first priority, a happy member is a loyal member.

Scheme Benefits

At TopMed they like to think of themselves as your trusted health partner as such members can look forward to a series of comprehensive benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Wellness management
  • Extended benefits for major medical procedures
  • Medical savings account
  • Maternity benefits
  • Basic and specialised dentistry
  • Day to day benefits
  • Chronic benefits
  • Optical benefits
  • Travel cover
  • Hospitalisation at private facilities
  • Network visits
  • Specialised visits

Topmed Stats

2018 (current year)

Total Scheme Options (2018): 8


Total Principal Members: 23 384
Total Beneficiaries: 46 749
Average Family Size: 2.01
Solvency Ratio: 77.87%


Total Principal Members: 24 088
Total Beneficiaries: 48 069
Average Family Size: 1.99
Solvency Ratio: 86.42%